How do you keep deer out of your garden without a fence

How do you keep deer out of your garden without a fence?I just planted a small victory garden in my backyard. The yard is mostly a steep hill, and the patch shown is just about the largest, flattest part. I planted cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, artichokes, and spinach. A few days later, everything but the artichokes has been munched, and there are hoof prints all over. So, knowing I don’t want to build a huge fence for a small hobby level garden, how should I keep deer out?I live in a fairly urban Oakland, CA neighborhood, so despite what one might think and what I might enjoy , hunting the deer is out. I read that human hair works as a repellent, but I don’t need a hair cut anytime soon. Among other ideas, Country Wisdom and Know How suggests that I put a 4 foot barrier of chicken wire on the ground around the garden. Apparently, deer don’t like to walk on chicken wire. Has anyone tried putting chicken wire on the ground? They also suggest tying a dog up in the yard near the garden, but I’m more inclined to the chicken wire idea.

Sudden flashes of light and noise. You could trigger an LED strobe with say an interupted laser beam bounced off a “Cats Eye” bycicle reflector. All electronics would be in one place. (When the photo cell doesn’t see the laser beam bouncing off the reflector the device “fires”.)Least expensive method! Go to your nearest dollar store (everything is a dollar) and purchase four (4) bars of Irish Spring soap. Punch some hole into the boxes and place at all four corners of your garden. The smell will keep the deer away. They can’t stand it! They are very sensory creatures , relying on sight, smell and hearing to survive! Works for me. Works day and night too. Old CD’s suspended around your garden on strings , positioned so they spin in the sun, work well for daytime too. Even keeps birds, woodchucks, bunnies out of my patch! Enjoy! No worries mate!For several years, I thought it was the groundhog that was nipping just the leaves from the virulent weed that multiplies when pulled or nipped (what one would do to make a welcome plant bushier, for ex.) Finally last year I got rid of most of it. same year the dear started on the hostas on opposite side of yard. took a while to figure this one out. DUH. why did the deer not munch hostas before then? Have tried smells, bells, lights and all night radio talk shows. No go. Our deer are very civilized. A trip to the local Lowes, HomeDepot, etc and get some sprinkler heads, a valve and several motion detectors. Setup the sprinklers to spray outward from the garden, connect the heads on one waterline, run the sprinkler head water line to the output side of the water valve, connect the motion detectors (security type they have relay contacts as an output) to the valve coil and battery.

Let the deer wash begin!Well we used to have a dog who would patrol the boundaries when let out and piddle on every fence post (the fence wasn’t high enough to stop deer jumping in) and we never had any problems you could borrow a (male) dog and let him do his stuff on a regular basis OR you could try this it’s supposed to stop foxes, mice, dogs etc so might work for deer. Get some hairy garden twine and some creosote, wear your oldest clothes and several pairs of gloves (unless you like the smell of phenol personally it makes me feel sick!) Soak the twine in the creosote and run a length around the garden for small animals just peg it down to the ground but for deer you should probably put it up a bit higher say hang it on some poles. Creosote is water soluble and toxic to plants (and just about everything else) so make sure you don’t hang it over anything precious or edible. You will need to renew the string every so often ie when it stops stinking. Put it as far away from where you will be working as possible so you don’t have to put up with the smell. You might find that if you can find a way that stops deer coming in that they will take the hint and not try for a while ie they’ll look for easier pickings see if you can persuade your neighbours to grow deer friendly crops so they go there instead ; ) Now does anyone know how gto keep the Australian Possum out of your garden?In my opinion, blackberry bushes make a good perimeter bush and will provide you with blackberry goodness too. Trestle them properly and you won’t have to let them get so wide that you can not reach the center of the bramble. This could also allow you to have small sections of fence or a “gate” somewhere around your garden. Aside from an Asimo wearing old work clothes, not much will deter a dedicated animal, including deer, from getting to the tasty greens. Another method I found useful was leaving something out for them, depending on you climate, tomatoes are hardy and delicious as well as certain varieties of leafy greens. In any case, I recommend researching your local tips and tricks while you develop your garden. They can’t stand the sulfur. Keep the bottle in fridge and refresh the scent after a few days, or after rain. Haunt the thrift stores for one or several “Big Mouth Billy Bass” and place in the area where the deer enter the area. If a little bit of light shines on them, the motion detector will trigger the motion and sound, scaring the bejeebers out of deer, bunnies and the occasional neighborhood cat or dog, causing them to stay clear of your garden.

IRISH SPRING I read this one in American Hunter magazine It said that hanging bars of Irish Spring soap in and around the garden would repel the deer. Then it went on to ask WHY would a hunting publication tell you how to repel deer? The answer was: Think about it! No I haven’t tried it I like the deer in my yard. Also Oakland is zone A1 (I live only a couple of miles south of you) and in season a cross bow WOULD be legal but of course ONLY for bucks and how often do you see one of those.

Simplest and most effective will be lion poo. You can pick up this from a garden centre, if they do not do it then you should go to a bigger chain that will do. In the UK all the garden / home improvement depots have this on sale. It is most effective when wet as it has a stronger odour. As the deer will pick up on the scent and be intimidated by the fact that theirs something around that could eat them. A 25 kilo bag should last you a long tim as you will not need much of it.

Most of the sprays you can buy work well, I use them for some of my landscape clients. the spray will NOT work 100%. you need a fence, but if you don’t want one then make the spray out of all the worst smelling things you can think of. Eggs. fish oil. etc. blend them up and put them in to a low pressure sprayer. coat all of the plants with it. you have to do this after every rain, or you can use a fertalizer called molorginite. it is made out of kiln dried human fecies, so wash your hands after. you dump the bag in to a road cone and make a one inch wide trail around all of your planting areas. or you can amend it in to the soil with the plants. this is also not a 100% but it will help. What really works is Sweeney All Season Weatherproof Deer Repellent. IAll Season uses dried blood, a scent based repellent, to trigger an innate response in deer, which, in turn, causes a flight response. (Studies have shown that, next to fenced enclosures, blood is the most effective way to repel deer.) All Season produces no noxious smells to humans and is a safe, natural, environmentally friendly product that can be used in any garden, including vegetable gardens. The repellent is packaged in a weather proof container that is designed to allow the scent to escape but keep rain and other elements at bay. Just stake the containers in the ground or hang them in shrubs four to eight feet apart throughout the desired protection area. If you plant these as a beautiful border they will stay away from your eating plants. Also plant something they CAN eat in another area of your yard to make that area more attractive to them. Seeds for these plants are inexpensive. There are books on the subject. Check out the library and internet for a list of plants deer do not like. This isn’t perfect because if hungry enough they will eat anything but it should make things easier for you with little expense.

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How To Remove Your Shirt

One of the main reasons you remove your shirt, although maybe not so quickly, is at the end of a long day at work. How? As soon as you’ve entered your home, you would lock the door (we don’t want any accidental exposures), then a few steps into your haven, you’d slowly start at the lower buttons of your blouse. One, slowly after another. Somewhere in between buttons 3 and 4, you’d pause to review the mail (bills, again) and check your voicemail (3 messages from Mom). As you walk through your home, and with only a couple more buttons left, you go to your bathroom and check yourself out in the mirror and contemplate the workday you’ve just had, relish that it is over and you are now home. As you walk into your bedroom, the last few buttons are a breeze, and off your blouse goes onto the welcoming floor.

The next way to remove your shirt, and this is by far the most entertaining, is in a hurry. Not the kind of hurry for example, in a dressing room or at a doctor’s office, the kind of hurry I am talking about is when time is of the essence and every second can be used doing other delightfully naughty things. In those cases, sometimes in the back seats of cars (preferably muscle cars), dark movie cinemas (back row, please?) and/or in any location the mood fits. Taking off one’s shirt in that kind of situation is a thing of beauty. For one, you can’t just rip it off, there has to be some mystique to it. So, when the mood is right, you would naturally start with the bottom button no need to show the goods just yet. One button, pause, then another button. The pauses are crucial to the whole game so don’t quit on me just yet. Midway, you’ll completely stop. Now at this point, only your belly button should be showing, just enough skin to entice and compel the viewer to forget to breathe. Now, after a sultry look, you start again. One more button at a time until you reach the very top. Now, while your blouse may technically be unbuttoned that by no means that it’s off. As soon as you lock eyes with your admirer, smile, and let him do the rest (which usually means your top was off 5 minutes ago).

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PacSun Shirts Spark Debate

The mother who bought the entire stock of shirts from a PacSun in a Utah mall has caused quite a stir. The media frenzy that she wanted in order to bring attention to her cause hasn disappointed.

Judy Cox complained to the manager, but was told the shirts couldn be removed without corporate approval.

PacSun CEO Gary Schoenfeld doesn see what the big deal is. He said that the company takes great pride in the designs that they feature on the shirts and other products displayed in their stores.

customer feedback is important to us, we remain committed to the selection of brands and apparel available in our stores, Schoenfeld said in an emailed statement.

So stupid. I hope PacSun refuses to return them. The city attorney referred her to local police, who will decide if it is a matter for the the city attorney to look at. She has even contacted activist groups One Million Moms and Moms for Decency.

Time will tell if the shirts will be deemed unworthy for public display. In the meantime, Judy Cox and her supporters will keep fighting.

hope my efforts will inspire others to speak up within their communities, Cox said in an email. don have to purchase $600 worth of T shirts, but you can express your concerns to businesses and corporations who promote the display of pornography to children. via YouTube

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Types Of Mens Underwear

There are several different types of mens underwear that are popular today, and the reasons for each kind of mens underwear being popular are both practical and fashionable. While some underwear is worn for protection, other kinds of mens underwear are worn for functionality, style, and comfort.

Long mens underwear, also commonly known as long johns, are made of thermal material that is used as insulation usually during the winter months. Worn under the regular clothes, this type of mens underwear is suitable for keeping men warm by adding layers to their clothing on cold days. Other types of mens underwear that can be layered to provide extra warmth when the weather is chilly are the tank top or A shirt and the classic t shirt.

One of the most popular kinds of mens underwear is the boxer shorts. This kind of mens underwear has elastic waistbands and leg sections that are loose, breathable, and extend to the mid thigh. There is usually a fly, with or without a button or two with this kind of mens underwear. The waistbands of this type of mens underwear are usually wider than boxer briefs, another kind of mens underwear that are like boxers, but are less free and more form fitting and snug. Boxer shorts with colorful patterns, pictures of cartoon characters, sports team logos and slogans are popular as mens underwear and can be found in almost any retail shopping store.

Many men today wear mens underwear that is classified as briefs. This kind of mens underwear is classified by the shorter leg bands that end at or near the groin, the pull apart fly, and the form fitting elasticity of the garments. There are many variations to this kind of mens underwear, and colors of all kinds can be found, although there are not many patterns that you will find with mens underwear of this kind.

Finally, mens underwear can serve an incredibly important, protective function. The Jock strap, or athletic supporter, is worn under the clothes, usually during sports, to protect the genital area from injury. This type of mens underwear has a hard, protective cup in front that goes over the genitals while the jock strap is held in place with elastic bands, one at the waist and two around each leg and under the buttocks. Mens underwear these days is comfortable, supportive, breathable, and some are protective as well.

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Because of the great demand for them

The Nebraska Huskers have had a winning storied history over a number of years. In the past half century, the }team from Nebraska achieved the most wins of every other university level football team in the United States of America. The Cornhusker team wears red uniforms and Nebraska\’s stadium is nicknamed \”The Sea of Red\” due to the fact that a large majority of fans wear red to the competition.

Panas tubuh Anda bertindak jenis besi organik yang memfasilitasi penghapusan atau minimalisasi kerutan kain (tidak Anda hanya berharap bahwa besi organik akan bekerja pada kulit kendur Anda seiring bertambahnya usia?). Poliester juga besar dalam cuaca panas seperti air tidak menyebabkan serat membengkak seperti katun, sehingga keringat Anda tidak akan terjebak di bawah kemeja. Manfaat ini dikenal sebagai wicking kelembaban..

The vast majority of on the net manufacturers will be able to allow racking programs with beneficial doing the job disorders. You could potentially possibly consult manufacturers to take into consideration anything that may be far more unique on your desires. This problem is usually that the majority of suppliers tend not to send the merchandise to help a number of places or maybe expresses.

Visit the local retail and department stores: Visit the local retail and department stores A further great option for checking out the latest fashions is visiting the local retail and department stores to see what is on display. A favorite high street store is certain to highlight the latest and upcoming fashions for the current season. For instance, many of the large stores start to advertise the clothing lines for the spring and summer well before the season starts to arrive.

Firstly, BlackBerry Messenger makes communication as quick and efficient as possible. Simply put, BBM is the fastest way to get a message to someone using your BlackBerry. Instead of having to compose a new email or text message, you just select a contact’s name in BBM and start typing.

And crossbones are really hot, says Donna Sheridan, Disney consumer products general manager of soft lines. A great way to be edgy and relevant in a fashion piece and at the same time be fun for kids. Pitt and Angelina Jolie dressed baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt in a skull and crossbones shirt for her first public photos, in People magazine.

Friday, January 4th, should be an exceptional day for accomplishments and relationships with a Grand Trine (the most positive aspect in astrology) in Air signs between Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon. But, our soaring attitude will probably hit some turbulence on Saturday and Sunday, January 5th and 6th. Saturn will be hitting the brakes, while Mars is stepping on the gas, and Mercury will be trying to tell them what to do.

They are generally not preferred for tuxedos. The wing tip collar extends up about an inch prior to flaring down at the front. Lay down collars are akin to the sort of shirt you would find with an everyday suit.. JD Hamernik Maxine A Allen Johnny Vasquez Laurie Samay Shawn Mill In the multi level marketing business, speaking can be one of the most important aspects of your business. Whether you are speaking to one person or hundreds of people, the manner in which you make your presentation can mean the very difference between success and failure. First, you will want to understand the physiology of fear and how to overcome it.

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And yet, it is in our stillness that we best see, best hear, best learn, best know. We are instructed by wise ones to pray, to meditate, to still and know that I am God. Yet, this is perhaps our most unpracticed and yet to be accomplished potential.

Today, shopping for eyeglasses online is a popular way to get a new pair of quality eyeglasses. When you shop for eyeglasses online, you will find that the prices are much cheaper than traditional eyeglass stores. The reason the eyeglasses are much cheaper online is that online retailers do not have the overhead that traditional retailers do and they can buy eye products in bulk at a cheaper price.

Burberry has produced various products throughout the its history in fashion. Burberry’s main signature products are perfume, handbags, and trenchcoats. They have made themselves known in the market by using its luxurious British image to produce an impression in the world of fashion.

The downward facing dog pose is no longer just for humans.5. Take a hike along the Asilomar Trail in Pacific GroveTake your time and enjoy a casual stroll or pick up the pace for a fast, vigorous hikeJughandle State Reserve features a 2 mile self guided nature trail called the Ecological Staircase. Starting by the ocean, this trail goes inland up a series of five ancient terraces formed by waves, glacier, and tectonic activity.

Whether you want to make T shirts for your business, organization, band, event, or maybe even start a clothing line, getting t shirts made doesn have to be hard. The first thing you have to do is have your design. If you don have a design, you can hire a graphic artist make one for you(many t shirt printing companies provide graphic design services).

It was in the 1950s 1960s that Andre Courreges started manufacturing long pants and trousers for women. It became a fashion item, and women of all ages started wearing trousers. Various types of pants and long trousers were introduced, and women started wearing them to a number of different places such as schools, parties, work and restaurants..

Freefall is the closest thing to human flight, especially when falling with other skydivers. In relation to other skydivers in the air, a jumper can move forward, backwards, up, down and all around in the sky. He or she can dive vertically to over 200 mph or achieve horizontal movement over the ground up to 60 mph.

Add more spice with matching branded bath accessories. Or you can get the accessories of your choice and match or contrast it with your room. Add velvet towels or cotton towels with monograms, floral designs and embroidery. Owls have talons. The owl talons are strong and powerful, designed in such a way that they can enclose and pierce its prey to ensure it does not get away. Now this is where we truly excel.

Eyes are the most important part of the body when it comes to sports. Hence this should be well protected by all means. Today’s sports athletes are required to wear prescription sports glasses to protect their eyes, especially when their sporting events are connected with speed.

associated with your business

There are various reasons why a polo shirt would be a successful promotional item. Polo ralph lauren outlet shirts are so well liked by one and all and go with everything; hence they make an ideal promotional gift. Polo shirts can be customized by printing both text and designs on them. When you design custom polo shirts for your business you are building a brand. The brand is your personal identity that will be associated with your business.

If you have a signature style then polo has what you want available. Ralph Lauren, billabong, chase authentic, and many, many more are available to you and your style. Add your business logo or company name to them for even more of an effect. Why not customize your polo shirts with your style and your company name? Advertisement and style all rolled into one. Now that’s spending your advertisement dollars smartly! Great fabrics are available to you for your customized polo shirt needs. Make your style your very own with form fit you need with the latest and greatest in polo accessories.

Now, you have to distribute the customized polo ralph lauren australia shirts. They can be given away in a wide variety of ways like trade show giveaways, door prizes at conferences, spot prizes at company events or promotional business events, fund raisers for schools or charities, and apparel for highly visible marketing events.

Size and fit is of great importance, unless you are “THE HULK” and you want something too small to show off your muscles. Polo offers a great amount of customized polo shirts that offer the fits that would appeal to everyone. As stated earlier the form fit tells your personality, are you tight and in control, or are you lose and carefree? Quite possibly you are somewhere in the middle.